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Read Our Top 10 Debt Collection and Creditors’ Rights Blogs for 2022

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IL debt lawyerWith the changing laws and regulations surrounding debt collection rights, keeping up with the latest developments can be a challenge for creditors. At Dimand Walinski Law Offices, P.C., we are dedicated to representing creditors in debt collection matters, and we also regularly publish blogs to help keep creditors informed of the relevant issues that may affect them. We wanted to highlight the top 10 blogs that visitors to our site read in 2022:

  1. What Are the Statutes of Limitation for Debts in Illinois? - This blog looks at the time limits that apply to creditors who are seeking to collect unpaid debts. We updated this blog in 2022 to provide more information about the procedures that creditors will need to follow to pursue judgments against delinquent debtors.

  2. Illinois Suspends Vehicle Repossession by Auto Lenders - In 2020, the state of Illinois took action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent creditors from repossessing vehicles from delinquent debtors. We provide information about how this order affected creditors, including updates about the options that may be available after the order expired.

  3. What to Do if Your Debtor is Judgment Proof - This blog discusses situations where creditors may be unable to enforce judgments against debtors. In a recent update, we looked at options that may be available to creditors in these situations, such as loan modifications.

  4. Using Non-Wage Garnishment to Collect Debt - We look at when creditors may be able to seize assets from debtors, including funds in bank accounts or other types of property.

  5. Should You Foreclose on a Property With a Judgment Lien? - This blog looks at the issues that may affect creditors who have received judgment liens against debtors, including situations where pursuing a foreclosure may not be a good idea.

  6. How to Collect From a Deceased Debtor's Estate - We examine the issues that may affect creditors following the death of a debtor, including the priority of creditors when making claims against an estate and the deadlines for collection.

  7. Using Replevin, Detinue to Repossess Vehicles - This blog discusses the legal avenues that creditors may use to take possession of a vehicle after a debtor has defaulted on an auto loan.

  8. Key Differences Between Forbearance and Loan Modification - To help creditors understand their options for addressing delinquency by debtors, we look at the agreements that may be negotiated with debtors to help them be able to continue making payments toward their debts.

  9. Possession Can Perfect Security Interest in Collateral Vehicle - This blog looks at when a creditor can take steps to ensure that other parties who may have an interest in a vehicle cannot take action to gain possession of the collateral used to secure an auto loan.

  10. Being Thorough With Citation to Discover Assets - When taking action to enforce a legal judgment, creditors will first need to determine the extent of a debtor's assets. We discuss the steps creditors will need to take to discover information about a debtor's assets and garnish their wages or seize their property.

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