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When a plaintiff has an immediate right to property held by a defendant, detinue can be an effective means of facilitating the recovery of the property and/or securing compensation. For creditors, this can be a useful debt collection remedy when their loan is secured by personal property. Detinues are complex actions, however, with specific legal steps that must be followed. To find out if this the right course of action for you, it is important to speak with an experienced creditor's rights lawyer.

At Dimand Walinski Law Offices, P.C., we have nearly four decades of experience successfully representing creditors in recovery actions such as detinues in Chicago and nearby communities. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of debt collection laws, and we put our extensive experience to work to develop the most effective strategies for maximum debt recovery. Our attorneys work directly on each case, and we work closely with our clients to provide skilled and personalized legal representation. We communicate regularly with our clients, and we provide frequent case updates, so they are always kept informed.

We initiate detinues and related actions for all types of creditors, including but not limited to:

Replevin vs. Detinue in Illinois

Ideally, a creditor with a lien on a car, truck, or equipment is able to repossess and sell its collateral without resorting to legal action. However, often that is not possible because the debtor conceals the collateral or refuses to permit access to it. Our clients frequently ask us to file a replevin action in such situations. Replevin is an action in which the court issues an order for the sheriff to seize the property and turn it over to the creditor. This procedure can work where the property is in a known location and not in motion. However, it requires posting a bond, hiring a locksmith, and actually having a representative of the creditor accompany the sheriff on the repossession.

If the collateral cannot be located, a detinue proceeding is the preferred action. A detinue complaint asks the court to issue an order to the debtor or other person in possession to surrender the property directly to the creditor so that it is not necessary to know where the collateral is, only the location of the person in possession. The court can hold the debtor or other person in contempt of court for refusing to surrender the collateral. We have filed hundreds of detinues to recover property for our clients.

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Recovering collateral from a secured loan can be a difficult and complex process. Repossession by third party agents may not be the best option, however. At Dimand Walinski Law Offices, P.C., we understand the pros and cons of replevin, detinue, and all other debt collection actions. If you are a creditor in need of skilled debt recovery assistance, contact our office today at 312-704-0771 for a personalized consultation.

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