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Chicago Repossession AttorneyMost auto lenders would prefer it if every buyer simply made their payments on time, every time - or at least were able to catch up with their past-due bills. However, the fact is that some borrowers become so far behind on their payments that repossession becomes a creditor’s best option for recovering what is owed to them. While there are some legal concerns to be addressed before beginning the repossession process, one of the more challenging parts may be locating the car itself. Some borrowers do not give an accurate address, while others move without updating their address. This can make it a bit difficult for repossession workers to carry out their job duties. Before you repossess a car, it is best to speak with an attorney who can ensure that the process is completed according to legal standards in Illinois. 

Tips for Locating Cars You Must Repossess

Most repossession workers begin looking for a car by checking the borrower’s home, often in the evening or on a weekend day. However, even when the car is found there, there is a high risk of the borrower noticing the tow truck and causing problems. If the car is not at the borrower’s home, some strategies for locating the vehicle include: 

  1. Check their workplace - If your borrower works outside their home, you may try looking for their vehicle at their workplace during their employer’s normal business hours. 

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