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How Can a Judgment Enforcement Attorney Help You?

 Posted on March 25, 2021 in Debt Collection

Illinois debt collection attorney judgment enforcement

Whether you are from a bank, a credit union, an auto lender, an equipment lender, a truck lender, or another financial institution that might be involved in bankruptcies or other debt collection activities, you might find that sometimes you need more assistance with judgment enforcement. Simply having a judge declare that money or other assets are owed to you or whoever you represent might not be enough to repossess or recover the assets from the debtor. For instance, the debtor might be ignoring your phone calls and letters or the debtor might be hiding the assets you are trying to repossess. Whatever the case may be, using the full power of the law at your disposal is a good idea to recover what the courts determine is yours. That is when you should call upon a professional judgment enforcement attorney to learn what they can do for you.

4 Ways a Judgment Enforcement Attorney Can Assist You

Among the many ways a judgment enforcement attorney can help you with your court-enforced debt collection case are:

  1. Demonstrating authority and clout—Anytime someone sees that a lawyer is involved, no matter who they are, they will begin to take you more seriously. It is not the threat alone of having to pay back their debts; it is also the threat of paying legal fees associated with you recovering those debts that frightens them. Whenever the slightest threat of further discipline through the legal system and courts is presented, people start listening. This would include officious and often intimidating letters sent via registered mail or through another court summons that imply the gravitas and severity of a formal courtroom setting.

  2. Following through with wage garnishment/deductions—If the judge in the case determines that the debtor should have their wages garnished or some other deductions made from their income, you can retain the assistance of a judgment enforcement attorney to complete the proper paperwork and research to do just that, all without you doing much of anything other than maybe simply naming the debtor’s personal identifying information and nothing more.

  3. Further research into the debtor’s whereabouts and affairs—In many cases, debtors are somehow “off the grid” or otherwise difficult to locate. This might include outdated or incorrect contact information that makes it challenging to track them down and make them pay per court’s orders. Knowledgeable and experienced judgment enforcement lawyers know exactly what to do in those cases. With forensic precision, they can provide you with all the information you need to find the debtor. This includes understanding the full financial picture for them in case you need to garnish wages or take any other actions with different assets.

  4. Enlisting the assistance of law enforcement—If the court orders the debtors to hand over their rental equipment or property and they refuse, or they claim they do not have it or they have hidden it, it is important to seek legal counsel. An experienced attorney will help not only repossess the equipment or property but also get local law enforcement involved easily and quickly to expedite the process.

Contact a Chicago Judgment Enforcement Lawyer

When it comes to judgment enforcement, as someone who processes debt collections you know that it is never as easy as listening to a judge order something and watching a debtor pay you back. It is almost always much more complicated and contested than that. In those many cases, you will want to enlist the assistance of an experienced Illinois debt collection attorney who knows exactly how to best enforce financial judgments. Contact the talented team at Dimand Walinski Law Offices, P.C., by calling 312-704-0771 for more information on judgment enforcement.


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